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Translated by fran-dattebayo

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Nee waratte kocchi muite namae yonde ichido dake de ii

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somedayhokage sent: other Naruto? How do /you/ take control? I mean, isn't Sasuke hard to get or something? being an Uchiha and all..



Adorable stuff. Jewerly shop going all SasuNaru on us.


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Thank you for over 6,000 followers!


heey everyone, finally finished a lil something as gratitude for putting up with my terrible habits and following through thick and thin! over 6,000 followers and it’s so amazing and just wow thank you all so much, you motivate me and keep me drawing

so here is a smutty, dorky, completely void of plot, mini doujin thingy because it’s normal to pay in smut right?? it’s a little rough and sketchy but i hope ya’ll like it. enjoy! -wiggles eyebrows-

pwp explicit yaoi - if you ain’t about that life scroll on by - nsfw - read with caution


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Have a nice summer everyone! ^3^